Please help us raise funds for the countless youth in our community suffering from mental health disorders. Join us on Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the Centurion Conference & Event Center

If you are searching for help right now, call 613-260-2360 or toll free 1-877-377-7775. Click here for more information.

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The Kaleidoscope of Hope Gala is a focused initiative to raise money in support of youth mental health.

Our children are increasingly depressed, anxious, or suicidal. In Canada, 4000 die by suicide every year!

As parents of teenagers and former teachers of teenagers, my husband and I share a passionate commitment to address these issues. The Kaleidoscope of Hope Gala is a direct response to this alarming situation.

In our research, Tony and I discovered that, far too often, depressed teens and their parents had nowhere to turn for help. Realizing the severity of their situations, they would often go to a hospital where most would be turned away due to a critical lack of funding. We found this very distressing since it is known that to save a life, help must be provided immediately. The difference of a day can mean the difference between life and death. Then we discovered the Youth Services Bureau Walk-In Clinic which, at the time, was open only one day a week. Realizing the critical importance of this program to saving lives, we organized the inaugural Kaleidoscope of Hope Gala to raise money to expand the reach and capacity of the Clinic.

In an effort to reach more troubled youth, in 2012 we approached CHEO and DIFD at The Royal. As a result of these overtures, subsequent KOH Galas have supported three foundations with proceeds channelled to specific programs and/or services. We are very proud of this accomplishment.

We are now planning this year's Gala. The 2016 Kaleidoscope of Hope Gala will take place on Saturday, October 29 at the Centurion Conference & Event Center. This year, funds will go directly to the Walk-In Clinic (Youth Services Bureau), the Dialectical Behavior Program (CHEO) and Bridges Program.

We ask you to help make a difference. We must teach our children that life is worth living — that life can get better.