Our Story

As parents, Tony and I share a passionate commitment to youth mental health. The Kaleidoscope of Hope (KOH) was founded in 2011 in direct response to the alarming shortage of support facilities and support programs for youth, who were struggling, and parents, who were desperately seeking help. Realizing the severity of a problem – be it depression, suicidal ideation, substance abuse disorder etc. – parents would often go to a hospital, only to be turned away due to a critical lack of funding. We found this very distressing, since immediate intervention often differentiates life from death.

Through our research, we discovered the Youth Services Bureau Walk-In Clinic which, at the time, was open only one day a week. Realizing the critical importance of this program, we organized the inaugural Kaleidoscope of Hope Gala to raise money to expand the reach and capacity of the Walk-In Clinic.

In an effort to reach more troubled youth, we approached CHEO and DIFD at The Royal in 2012. We were very proud to bring them together with Youth Services Bureau as beneficiaries that year - three separate and distinct organizations coming together under the banner of Kaleidoscope of Hope! As a result of these overtures, every subsequent KOH Gala has supported three foundations, with proceeds channeled to specific programs and/or services.

Each year, we focus on a specific youth mental health issue, and choose beneficiaries whose programs and/or services best align. Bullying, depression, suicide, and eating disorders are some of the youth mental health challenges we have addressed, the most recent being the opioid crisis and substance abuse disorder.

To date the Kaleidoscope of Hope has raised $810,000 for our beneficiaries.

We ask you to help make a difference. We must teach our children that life is worth living — that life can get better.

~ Tony & Sharon House