The KOH Committee

Sharon Bosley House

Sharon Bosley House

Through my years of teaching, I loved the relationship I had with my grade 7 and 8 students. I was a mentor to many as I witnessed the struggles they endured, and I felt comforted knowing I was able to help them. As a parent, I learned that our youth are still struggling. Shocked by the numbers, Tony and I decided we could not simply stand by watching; we wanted to be proactive and try to make a difference. We wanted to save lives. Thus began Kaleidoscope of Hope. We called it Kaleidoscope because we felt it was important that youth understand and accept that everyone is different, and that being different is okay. That was six years ago; our mission continues.

Tony House

Tony House

I’ve always been invested in helping youth. As a parent, and especially as a coach, I see firsthand the important role we play in a teen’s life. Sharon and I were looking to do more, and we are so proud that our vision has evolved through the annual Kaleidoscope of Hope event we launched six years ago. We are trying to do our part, and we are deeply and sincerely thankful to everyone who has believed and supported the cause. Having suffered anxiety, I understand the pressures that people can succumb to - especially teens, so I want to ensure I’m doing everything I can to make a difference in people’s lives and our community. It was always our intention to have Kaleidoscope of Hope bring just that - Hope - so you always know the best is yet to come and you are loved!

Linda Seguin-Lawrence

Linda Seguin-Lawrence

Having called 17 addresses and 3 countries home since marrying, my original career in teaching faced many challenges. Plan B included Event Planning accreditation, and a Career Volunteer was born. I have always enjoyed working with passionate, creative, and dedicated people, so I considered it a privilege when Sharon and Tony asked me to join the Kaleidoscope of Hope Planning Committee. The wonder of the world as seen through the eyes of our two joy-filled grandchildren underscores the tragedy of each and every compromised young life. We must always strive to help those in need.

Steve Cody

Steve Cody

I am a father of five children, husband to a terrific wife, and papa to two very cool grandkids. We lost our son Nicholas to drugs in 2013. After seeing Sharon and Tony's passion and commitent to help others through Kaleidoscope of Hope, I knew that I wanted to be a part of this journey helping others in our community. I am extremely touched that we can have a direct ipact on the mental health, drug awareness, and education of our children.

Natalie Cody

Natalie Cody

Mom of five, Wife/Partner of a serial entrepreneur, Nana of two little darlings, Co-Founder/President of Cody Party Centre, Co-Founder of the Better Software Company. I have joined the KOH family because addiction has touched our family with the worst possible outcome - the loss of our son Nicholas in 2013. I have lived through the battle of a child with addiction, struggled with the questions, searched for the answers, and I bear all of the scars. It takes a village.

Joanne McEwan

Joanne McEwan

My journey with KOH initially started as a way of doing something positive & constructive with my extra time. As I began to appreciate the need and hear the stories of how our youth were dealing with depression, feeling the only option was suicide, it became a mission. I joined this initiative 6 years ago and my commitment continues today. As a mom to 2 young men, it’s very difficult not to empathize with the challenges they face today. I want our youth to know that they have choices, there is help, there are people who care, and they do not have to face the challenges alone.

Ruth Kemp

Ruth Kemp

My professional career as an HR Executive, Organization Consultant exposed me to people and families from all walks of life and countries. Understanding people in the workplace, their values, their needs, and their struggles was a large part of my success in establishing work environments, programs and policies that met their needs. Upon retiring, my need to continue to support families led me to various charitable organizations, none of which grabbed my heart like KOH. The space between living and dying is short, and KOH funds people and services to fill this gap. Education, support, counselling, and much more is making a difference. It is a privilege to be part of it!

Maria Iglesias

Maria Iglesias

Mental health is a vital part of everyday life, more so for our youth. I believe that if our youth start with a strong foundation, we can help them have a brighter future, which in turn makes for a better community for all. I suffered with depression and anxiety; many of my loved ones did as well. It especially hit home when my 23-year-old cousin took his life last year. These kids are suffering, and they need our help. I’ve both supported and attended KOH events in the past and was blown away by how amazing it was. This year, I am so proud to be part of this wonderful Kaleidoscope of Hope committee. I hope to bring new ideas, inspiration, and energy, but above all, I want to help as many kids as I can.

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