Our Mission

Our Mission

The Kaleidoscope of Hope is a focused initiative to raise money in support of youth mental health. Our children are increasingly depressed, anxious, or suicidal. In Canada, 4000 youth die by suicide every year.

As parents, Tony and I share a passionate commitment to address these issues. The Kaleidoscope of Hope (KOH) is a direct response to this alarming situation.

In our research, Tony and I discovered that, far too often, depressed youth and their parents had nowhere to turn for help. Realizing the severity of their situations, they would often go to a hospital where most would be turned away due to a critical lack of funding. Tony and I found this very distressing since it is known that to save a life, help must be provided immediately. The difference of a day can mean the difference between life and death. With this in mind, we discovered the Youth Services Bureau Walk-In Clinic which, at the time, was open only one day a week. Realizing the critical importance of this program to saving lives, we organized the inaugural KOH Gala in 2011 to raise money to expand the reach and capacity of the Clinic.

In an effort to reach more troubled youth, in 2012 we approached CHEO and DIFD at The Royal. As a result of these overtures, subsequent KOH Galas have supported three foundations with proceeds channeled to specific programs and/or services. We are very proud of this accomplishment. To date the Kaleidoscope of Hope has raised over $700,000 for our beneficiaries.

We are now planning our 2018 event, the KOH Rise Together Winter Soirée that will take place on Friday, February 9 at Brookstreet Hotel in its newly renovated Ball Room. Funds raised will go directly to Youth Services Bureau (YSB), the Sens Foundation, and We The Parents. YSB channels these funds to their Walk-In Clinic; the Sens Foundation in partnership with DIFD will channel their funds to United Way Ottawa's project step; and We The Parents will channel their funds to further their mission of education, advocation and navigation for youth and families struggling with Opioid and/or Substance Use Disorder.

Sharon & Tony House

We ask you to help make a difference. We must teach our children that life is worth living — that life can get better.

~ Tony & Sharon House


Hi Chantal,

Attached is the 2016-17 Unsolicited Annual Report for the CHEO DBT program. I am delighted that Sharon and Tony will be able to see it.

Their funding has been foundational to the success of our DBT program. Their support has allowed us to train 14 staff intensively, of whom ten (plus one who self-funded) are still at CHEO and active in the program. We are also this year beginning to receive external supervision from a expert in Boston, which is helping us "up our game" even further, due to the Kaleidoscope of Hope funds.

We are immensely grateful to the House family and the Kaleidoscope of Hope for their support. A great many families have benefited as a result, and we are now treating more families than ever. We are aware that other youth mental health projects need and deserve funding going forward. Thanks to the financial and administrative support we have received, we are now in a position where we should be self-sustaining.

On behalf of our youth, our families, and our clinicians, we thank Sharon and Tony House and the Kaleidoscope of Hope.

Marjorie Robb MD, FRCPC
Medical Director
CHEO Outpatient Mental Health Service

Chantal Charbonneau
Director, Annual Giving
Directrice, Dons annuels

Kaleidoscope of Hope

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