We The Parents

About We The Parents


We work together to create a world where children and young adults are provided with factual, evidence-based and non-judgmental information they need to make informed choices and reduce harm when exposed to situations involving drugs, both prescription and illicit.

Together, We the Parents commit to open and respectful communication among ourselves and in public, regarding the challenges we face supporting our children whom are struggling with substance use disorders and other mental health issues.


To advocate for prevention through education with all levels of government. This will include factual, evidence-based and non-judgmental information and education to elementary and secondary curriculum.

To create a family navigation service accessible by children, young adults and parents. This service will offer access to support resources addressing the needs of those with substance use disorders or those affected by substance use disorders, including safe, supportive spaces to share their experiences with these issues.

To advocate to our elected officials and non-governmental organizations to expand and enhance support facilities and services for children and young adults who need urgent care to support their struggle with substance use disorder and other mental health issues.

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